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  • Synchronous Digital Clock and power supply, fully custom design and assembly. Lots of info at the link!
  • Motorized Cat Door, control two cat doors in the garage with a switch in the kitchen.
  • OpenSpeedCoach, a fitness tracker/speed coach for rowers, made at nwHacks 2020. Counts strokes with an accelerometer, records distane and speed with GPS.


You can find all of these projects and a few smaller ones on my Github Profile. All of these projects are Free and Open Source.

  • SpecDB, a site for viewing and comparing CPU and GPU hardware specifications.
  • Gooptest, a simulator-based testing framework for microcontrollers (especially Arduino).
  • Anypaste, a smart command-line file sharing tool. It selects a hosting site automatically based on the type of file being shared.
  • Sam's Serif, a recursive/fractal font renderer with HTML5 Canvas.
  • Beat Ballot, a democratic music player. Users connect to a host's "room" then suggest or vote for which song they want to be played next. Developed with Yuyu Madigan, Cyrus Arora, and Daniel Williams in 24 hours for nwHacks 2019.
  • Monsanto Simulator, an online multiplayer game about genetics created for a high-school biology course. Might be useful if you're teaching biology! Not hosted anywhere, but setup instructions are on Github.

Open Source Contributions

  • ReSpec, refactored and added tests for GitHub integration and added OrcID badge display. ReSpec is an internal tool used by the W3C to add interactive features to their published specifications.
  • Cdist, added a module to configure the Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW). Cdist is a configuration management system, similar to Ansible or Puppet.



I currently attend the University of Washington, studying Computer Science and Math. I take notes digitally for some of my classes. The first link below is the most recent. I take notes on paper for many classes, which are not listed here.

During the 2020-21 school year I took the Advanced Calculus sequence (Math 334/5/6). The final project for this sequence was a paper on a mathematical topic of our choice. In previous years, these papers were posted on a public-facing class website (for example, here are the 2019-20 papers). However, a new instructor taught the sequence in 2020-21, and did not maintain a public website. I make my paper publicly available here:

Abelian Sandpiles and Self-Organized Criticality (Math 336 Final Paper)


  • GitHub (markasoftware)
  • Reddit (/u/markasoftware)
  • Email: mark@[this domain]