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My current GPG key has fingerprint 746D B423 EA4B D304 A6E6 B7B3 F061 6A79 7F40 F901. Check my "bio"s on other social networks or ask me in person to verify this fingerprint, to make sure you are getting the correct key. It is stored securely on a smartcard-like device. It is possible for somebody to trick me into signing something I didn't mean to sign, but the private key is effectively impossible to access.

There are three ways you can download the public key. I do not control the hardware for any of these hosts, so always check the fingerprint!


My old fingerprint was AF0E 8503 F828 6E23. Don't use it anymore. As far as I know, it has never been compromised, but my new key is stored more securely. It has only been used to sign some Git commits. Download the old public key directly.


I have other accounts too. Please contact me if you are unsure whether they are really mine.


You can private message me on one of the above listed social networks, or email me: mark@[this domain]. If you need to contact me privately/confidentially, please email me and encrypt an attachment with my OpenPGP public key. Please do not use Keybase to contact me! I will not respond.